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Medical Foods③Case1:Heart Disease

●Case 1 : Haert Disease●

According to Ministry of Health, one of major causes of death of New Zealand is Ischaemic heart disease.

“Heart disease” is known as a lifestyle-related disease; smoke experience, exercise habit, blood pressure, how much you drink alcohol, and stresses..

Especially in winter, it is the highest rate to die due to heart disease.

Because of coldness, our blood circulation wall gets shrink to keep warmth inside the body.

What happens next is poor blood circulation.

When slow blood goes through narrow, fatty, firm blood walls, it lets stop a clot of blood at any cost.

Then it can cause heart attack.

Ages is also big matter.


It is hard to cure Heart disease, however, the daily diet is the essential key to prevent when you decide to change your heart disease.


In general, do not be overweight.

Obesity is the big reason of heart disease.

In Chinese medicine, heart disease is normally caused by Blood stagnation (瘀血) and/or phlegm (痰湿).

For blood stagnation type people, such as having tingling headache, bloodshot eyes, sore shoulder.

Please do not stay up until late. (Several symptoms go worth)

Celery, safflower tea, and cinnamon can help you.

Phlegm type people, who has dull head and body, nausea, a lot of phlegm.

You would be better to reduce oil, alcohol consumption.

And  take Ma-yuen(Adlay, Coix) tea,  Vermicelli(Mung bean), and blue-skinned fish (mackerel, sardine) are good for you.


Any of your unsure feeling which one is yours, please visit us for counseling.

We are pleased to help you.

Medical Foods② Four Seasons

In Chinese/Japanese theory, the basic attitude of healthy life is that how we harmonise with nature.

Nature has regular, repeated pattern. And so do we; in the wake of changes in ages and seasons.


●Seasons and Humans●

Classify roughly, we have four seasons.


Spring : the season of bud.

Our hormone systems change dramatically during spring.

Besides, the disorder relating blood, such as a rush of blood to the head, high blood pressure, hemorrhoid, menstrual irregularity, happens more often.

Imagine that our body also get ready to bloom. Inside the body, a lot of energy is stored.


Summer : the season of flourish.

We cannot stop moving during this season because our body has full of energy. However, humid and hot weather can damage your digestive system and muscles/joints;  dull limbs, leg cramps, bowl pains and so on.


Automn : the season of harvest

After tough season, our body get better with clearer air, and we have more apetite in automn. But please be carful if you have weak respiratory system; dryness causes cough, asthma. Coldness causes muscle tense and sometimes leads migraine, shoulder pain and eyesight damages from slided neck vertebrae. (This is relating to the season!)


Winter : the season of store.

It is apparently cold which occurs quite strong stress to your body.

Against this cold weather, our heart needs to push more blood out though the body to keep warm. It means more burden to your heart. (Heart attack happens in winter the most)

Dryness can let you have less immune system because nose/throat/rungs should be wet with mucus to protect from germs/viruses.

For example, Daikon radish is very tasty in winter.


From the view of traditional Chinese/Japanese medicine, Daikon is good food in winter as it quenches a mucus membrane.

Apple, Kiwifruit, Mussel are also good foods. (Very New Zealand foods.  We are lucky!)

So I could say

Tasty seasonal foods = Good for your health!


We humans have nature skills to adjust these changes. When people defy seasons, it would be one of big reason to get sick.

In other words, follow the changes of nature, take seasonal foods can lead you healthier life.

Mother’s Day

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Medical Foods ①

Have you ever heard of the expression 医食同源 (Ishokudougen)? According to Wikipedia, it represents the idea that we should prevent and cure illness by having a balanced and tasty diet.

This expression originally came from China, said, “medicines and foods are the same origin”.


In Western countries, there are similar expression such as “you are what you eat” or “an apple keeps a doctor away.”



When you are unbalanced-diet and tend to eat sweet stuffs very often, do you feel dull (or some people have swollen lower body)?

Or when you catch a cold, are you told to take some ginger by grannies?


In this column series, we find out what foods help you.


Valentine Breakfast

Early Autumn :)

The lingering summer will finish soon!


This year we have had pretty hot and humid summer time. It was tough time but thanks to that, most of us probably got wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Soon the lingering summer will finish, and for an agricultural people, it is the season to celebrate the abundant harvest!



Besides, it is the best time to recover of your health.


Our body got tired from the summer heat, and some had a poor appetite in summer. As getting cooler, our stomachs will be in good condition and appetite will improve. In addition, as the air will be clearer, it is the perfect timing to reset our body.


However, the chill of morning and evening is hard for people who have weak respiratory system. Those people have very sensitive skin. The cold climate will stimulate their skin and make them less skin-breathing, because the skin shuts the airway to protect our body from cold wind.


What’s gonna happen?

After the body cannot breath through the skin enough, our nose and trachea will have more burden. As a consequence, get a cold , rhinitis , cough a lot or an attack of asthma might happen.



Before having a cold, the dryness on the throat lasts a couple days. That is a sign!

When you feel it, drink warm pear juice or squeezes Daikon radish juice. These give you mild rehydration.

Covering your neck with scarves or towels is also good by way of prevention.


If you already have a cold, herbal medicines will help you. This season’s cold can be severe damage on your respiratory system. Come to see us and tell your health.


How to Beat Summer Heat – No.2

Why UV so strong in NZ?




The UV intensities are greater in the Southern Hemisphere.

The closest point of approach of the Sun to the Earth occurs in December/January. The furthest away is in June/July, which is the northern hemisphere summer. That factor alone means that the southern hemisphere summer will have 7 percent more UV radiation than the northern hemisphere summer.

The second one is ozone. During the summer months, there is a lot less ozone in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere.

The remaining 20 percent is due to the cleaner air we have here.

For those three factors, You had better put sunscreen carefully every time you go out. Do not forget to put cream several times if you stay outside for long time.


Already got Sunburn?
The affected area should be cool down, first. Use cold cloths, from either cold water or ice cubes until the cloth gets warm. You should avoid soap to prevent your skin worse; your skin already get damage and very sensitive.

Besides, diet also help you in order to clear heat, such as Water melon, Bitter melon, Wax gourd and tomatoes.

We have special ointment for sunburn, Shiunko.


This can relief inflammation quickly with natural ingredients.


We have variety of natural herbal medicines. Please feel free to ask us your concern.

How to Beat Summer Heat -No.1

Wellington has had an amazing summer so far with some really hot days – the temperature has hit 28 degrees and it looks as though this is set to continue until March. Kampo Health Centre gives you some ideas with regards to making the most of this fantastic weather.


Fatigue? Sleeplessness?
Summer heat and Dampness often attack the body together and is likely to cause fatigue, loss of appetite, decline in cognitive ability and sleeplessness.
If you have any symptom above, your body needs to be treated.

Our idea is simple, eating seasonal veges/fruits, like Water melon, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Tomato, and so on.
Those veges/fruits help you to clear heat and disinhibit water.

Also, physical activity in order to sweat is good for your health in this season.