How to Beat Summer Heat -No.1

Wellington has had an amazing summer so far with some really hot days – the temperature has hit 28 degrees and it looks as though this is set to continue until March. Kampo Health Centre gives you some ideas with regards to making the most of this fantastic weather.


Fatigue? Sleeplessness?
Summer heat and Dampness often attack the body together and is likely to cause fatigue, loss of appetite, decline in cognitive ability and sleeplessness.
If you have any symptom above, your body needs to be treated.

Our idea is simple, eating seasonal veges/fruits, like Water melon, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Tomato, and so on.
Those veges/fruits help you to clear heat and disinhibit water.

Also, physical activity in order to sweat is good for your health in this season.


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