Early Autumn :)

The lingering summer will finish soon!


This year we have had pretty hot and humid summer time. It was tough time but thanks to that, most of us probably got wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Soon the lingering summer will finish, and for an agricultural people, it is the season to celebrate the abundant harvest!



Besides, it is the best time to recover of your health.


Our body got tired from the summer heat, and some had a poor appetite in summer. As getting cooler, our stomachs will be in good condition and appetite will improve. In addition, as the air will be clearer, it is the perfect timing to reset our body.


However, the chill of morning and evening is hard for people who have weak respiratory system. Those people have very sensitive skin. The cold climate will stimulate their skin and make them less skin-breathing, because the skin shuts the airway to protect our body from cold wind.


What’s gonna happen?

After the body cannot breath through the skin enough, our nose and trachea will have more burden. As a consequence, get a cold , rhinitis , cough a lot or an attack of asthma might happen.



Before having a cold, the dryness on the throat lasts a couple days. That is a sign!

When you feel it, drink warm pear juice or squeezes Daikon radish juice. These give you mild rehydration.

Covering your neck with scarves or towels is also good by way of prevention.


If you already have a cold, herbal medicines will help you. This season’s cold can be severe damage on your respiratory system. Come to see us and tell your health.


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