How to Beat Summer Heat – No.2

Why UV so strong in NZ?




The UV intensities are greater in the Southern Hemisphere.

The closest point of approach of the Sun to the Earth occurs in December/January. The furthest away is in June/July, which is the northern hemisphere summer. That factor alone means that the southern hemisphere summer will have 7 percent more UV radiation than the northern hemisphere summer.

The second one is ozone. During the summer months, there is a lot less ozone in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere.

The remaining 20 percent is due to the cleaner air we have here.

For those three factors, You had better put sunscreen carefully every time you go out. Do not forget to put cream several times if you stay outside for long time.


Already got Sunburn?
The affected area should be cool down, first. Use cold cloths, from either cold water or ice cubes until the cloth gets warm. You should avoid soap to prevent your skin worse; your skin already get damage and very sensitive.

Besides, diet also help you in order to clear heat, such as Water melon, Bitter melon, Wax gourd and tomatoes.

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This can relief inflammation quickly with natural ingredients.


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