Medical Foods③Case1:Heart Disease

●Case 1 : Haert Disease●

According to Ministry of Health, one of major causes of death of New Zealand is Ischaemic heart disease.

“Heart disease” is known as a lifestyle-related disease; smoke experience, exercise habit, blood pressure, how much you drink alcohol, and stresses..

Especially in winter, it is the highest rate to die due to heart disease.

Because of coldness, our blood circulation wall gets shrink to keep warmth inside the body.

What happens next is poor blood circulation.

When slow blood goes through narrow, fatty, firm blood walls, it lets stop a clot of blood at any cost.

Then it can cause heart attack.

Ages is also big matter.


It is hard to cure Heart disease, however, the daily diet is the essential key to prevent when you decide to change your heart disease.


In general, do not be overweight.

Obesity is the big reason of heart disease.

In Chinese medicine, heart disease is normally caused by Blood stagnation (瘀血) and/or phlegm (痰湿).

For blood stagnation type people, such as having tingling headache, bloodshot eyes, sore shoulder.

Please do not stay up until late. (Several symptoms go worth)

Celery, safflower tea, and cinnamon can help you.

Phlegm type people, who has dull head and body, nausea, a lot of phlegm.

You would be better to reduce oil, alcohol consumption.

And  take Ma-yuen(Adlay, Coix) tea,  Vermicelli(Mung bean), and blue-skinned fish (mackerel, sardine) are good for you.


Any of your unsure feeling which one is yours, please visit us for counseling.

We are pleased to help you.

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