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Hatomugi Cha (Job’s Tears Tea)

Hatomugi Cha, also called as Pearl Barley, Job’s tears, Adlay, Coix, is known as a healthy tea in Japan.

In fact, this tea is very good for your skin.



Hatomugi (Job’s tears) is a member of the grass family and popular in Asian cultures as a medical food stuff.

This plant has also been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat dozens of conditions from arthritis to smallpox.

It has a lot of Protein, Calcium, Iron and Fibers.

A lot of Vitamin B1 & B2 of the tea speed up the skin metabolism.

Its speciality in a Chinese medicine is to control fluid inside the body; if swollen, reject water. if dried, keep adequate water.

Here are some examples about benefit of Hatomugi Cha.




Cancer Prevention

Endocrine Disorders

Gastrointestinal Benefits


Weight Loss



This is not medicine,  it is a non-caffeine tea. All ages can drink.

If your little kids have warts influenced from swimming pool,

If you have swollen legs,

If you want to have moisturizers skin,

why don’t you try 2~3 months and feel differences?


Hatomugi Cha (Job’s tears tea) – Japanese medicine standard level-

10packs for $15.

Yokohama University of Pharmacy News

The news shows that Hajime Komatsu talked about ‘Kampo Medicine and Hara Diagnosis’ at NZRA Annual Conference and NZSATCM.

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Annual Conference

I talked about ‘Kampo Medicine and Hara Diagnosis’ at the NZRA Annual Conference on the 14th of August.



I talked about Kampo Medicine and Abdominal Palpation at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine on the 11th of August.



‘Shiunko’ ointment is indicated for the relief of pain of a burn, eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), chilblains, wart, foot corn, bedsore, hemorrhoids and for the healing of anal fissure,  or other various dermal disorders.

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